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12M X 4.5M   Two bedroom     $104,900.00

Presenting our premier choice for individuals or families seeking a tiny home: a charming two-bedroom cabin with a kitchenette and bathroom, part of our exclusive two-bedroom range. This unit boasts a master bedroom for enhanced privacy, while the second room offers flexibility, suitable for bunks, a double bed, or even a home office setup. Designed with comfort in mind, its practical layout ensures a cozy retreat for those embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Whether you seek a

A tranquil sanctuary for solo dwellers, a snug abode for couples, or a welcoming retreat for families, this cabin offers an exceptional option for tiny home living. With a generous floor area of 48sqm, the open-plan living and kitchen area within this tiny home is designed for both relaxation and entertainment, offering ample space without sacrificing comfort. Don't miss out on the incredible value provided by this versatile option for tiny home enthusiasts.


  • trailorized configuration including 2 I beams, 3 axles, and a drawbar.

  • Pre-plumbed for seamless installation, requiring on-site connection.

  • Wired with a 16 amp RCD board, caravan inlet plug, and Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC).

  • Enjoy ample natural light through the double glazed ranch slider and window in the living area.

  • Customize the exterior and joinery colors with options from the ColorSteel range.

  • Luxurious bathroom amenities include a toilet, shower, vanity, and double glazed frosted window, with internal plumbing.

  • Functional galley kitchenette equipped with sink, taps, under-bench unit with three doors, and a drawer.

  • Convenient water and external power fittings available for a gas califont.

  • Two bedrooms feature double glazed windows for added comfort.

  • Choose from a selection of vinyl or carpet floor coverings to suit your personal style.

  • Maximize space with internal doors featuring "Barn Door" sliders.

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